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Contact: Save the Portage Letter

The historic Portage Theater is currently threatened by the potential purchase of the building it is in by a church. The church proposes to convert the theater into their worship space, remove the marquee, alter the auditorium, and eliminate the storefronts and half the apartments for offices and classrooms.

Think about why the Portage Theater is important to the community and to Chicago as a whole. Does any other building in the community fill the need that the Portage fills? Think about Portage Park - how often do you come here? How far do you come to get here? Are there other businesses you love visiting when you're in the neighborhood?

Please use the form below to email a prepared letter to the 45th Ward alderman in support of preserving the Portage Theater. If you wish, you can add a personalized statement to the end of the letter. You can read some tips about what to focus on in your letter here.

OR If you'd rather print the letter and mail it in (or make copies for friends), please use the PDF located here.

Letter for Saving the Portage

Date: Sunday April 20, 2014

City of Chicago
Zoning Board of Appeals
Attn: Jonathan Swain, Chairman
121 North LaSalle Street, Room 905
Chicago, Illinois 60602

RE: Chicago Tabernacle Church
Special Use Zoning Application at 4042-60 North Milwaukee Ave., Chicago

Dear Chairman Swain:

I oppose the special use permit request filed by the Chicago Tabernacle Church for 4042-60 N. Milwaukee Avenue, commonly known as the Portage Theater.

The request is not in the interest of public convenience and will have a significant adverse impact on the general welfare of the surrounding community.

It is not compatible with the plan for and character of the surrounding commercial area. The City of Chicago has invested almost $25 million in this area since 2005 to support commercial and retail uses to revitalize this business district.

The establishment of a house of worship presents a land use that would conflict with Six Corners Special Service Area #28 funding, its plans to promote retail development, and to maintain the area as a compact and contiguous shopping area. It would also negatively impact funding for the city established Portage Park TIF, in which this site is located.

I welcome the Chicago Tabernacle Church to our community, but urge them to find a more suitable site.



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