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  • Gunman's Walk - 35mm CinemaScope!
    :: January 21, 2013 @ 7:30 PM
    Gunman's Walk - 35mm CinemaScope!

    Projected by the Northwest Chicago Film Society
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    Admission: $5

    Directed by Phil Karlson • 1958
    Scripted by Frank Nugent (The Searchers), Gunman’s Walk stars Tab Hunter as the drunken, gunslinging son of lawless rancher Van Heflin, and James Darren as his polar opposite brother, a dark, brooding pacifist in love with half-Indian Kathryn Grant. Better known for bitter neorealist noirs like 99 River Street and The Phenix City Story, Chicago-born Phil Karlson returned to his B-western roots with Gunman’s Walk. Shot in color and blazing CinemaScope, Karlson traded in his talent for restraint without losing any impact, gaining a startlingly beautiful view of Tuscon, Arizona and an incredible chase scene between Tab Hunter and a white mare. Per the director, “When I do color, I think in terms of black and white … we know that blood’s going to be awfully red and it’s going to be pretty disgusting when they see it.” The often uneven Tab Hunter is a revelation here, and Gunman’s Walk is as good a western as it is a broken family drama. Home video rights on this title are perpetually held up, so this may very well be your only chance to see the film. (JA)

    97 min • Columbia Pictures • 35mm Vault Print from Sony Pictures Repertory
    Serial: Captain Marvel: “Time Bomb” (John English & William Witney, 1941) – 35mm – 17 min

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